Saturday, 4 January 2014


 On the 19th January 2014, all roads will be leading to the Mornington Racecourse for the Great Australian Rally. 

This event is sponsored by the RACV and last year $63,000 was raised for Peter Mac. 

The following cars from the Como Gardens Museum will be driven by family members and friends. 

1924 Vauxhall, type 30/98
1927 Bugatti,, type 35C
1936 Bentley, type 4 litre sports saloon
1936 Riley, type Kestrel
1936 Mercedes Benz, type 540K
1969 Aston Martin, type DBS vantage.

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Copyright Como Gardens, the Basin

Also on display will be the just released E400 Mercedes Benz.

Visit the Great Australian Rally website for more information about this event.
Also visit the British Classic Car Club website.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


The "Lilydale Express" on Friday 19th July 1901 published an article “Chandlers I have Met” written by M.A.C.  It is a delightful article on the family and it left me feeling privileged to have known the late John Chandler.

I have in my possession John’s autobiography which has given me a greater insight.  One of the many things mentioned in the article was about the plant Boronia, and I now quote “The flower season is a busy one for Mr Chandler (William) as maybe judged when it is known that 35,000 bunches of Boronia have to be marketed and dispatched to all principal towns of the state, but in this department he is ably assisted by the younger members of the family” unquote.

John Chandler regaled me with the stories of picking and bunching the Boronia up into posies, there was no electricity connected so lamps and candles were used as they worked into the night.  John told me the Boronias seeds planted at Como came from a relative holidaying in Western Australia, they are not native to Victoria.  The growing seasons for the plants ended when they became affected by a virus, but not before the Chandlers had bred new plants.

It was with great pleasure on visiting the second stage of the Botanical Gardens at Cranbourne that I saw planted one of the Chandlers Boronia, the name lives on - what a wonderful achievement.

I could talk about Como Gardens forever, why not came along to our next Open Weekend 19th and 20th of October;  we will have a lot of fun?  

Join the garden tours and hear stories of days gone by whilst supporting our SES and St John Ambulance.

....© 2013 Pat Hetrel, Como Gardens, The Basin, Victoria, Australia

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Well, someone has to do it!

It's a lot of hard work maintaining the grounds at Como Gardens, so occasionally George has to take "time out".   A quick trip to Townsville was the answer.

This is what he got up to (literally!) during his recent trip to Townsville.

Now he should be refreshed and ready to get down to the hard yakka in ensuring Como Gardens are neat and in full bloom, ready for the carloads of visitors to the Open Garden Weekend coming up on 19th and 20th October 2013.

Put that weekend in your diary.  Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October.   

Monday, 5 August 2013


The Answer:

The long track Winton Historic race meeting on August 10th & 11th.  Winton Motor Raceway is a 3.0 km circuit in National configuration and a 2.03 km circuit in Club configuration located near Benalla, just off the Hume Highway.

It is the fourth year of this successful event and the first time George Hetrel has entered his 1927 Grand Prix Bugatti. The car has been well primed and given a good talking to;  don’t know who’s the most excited and rearing to go - George or the bug. 

Come and say hello, we are at the Penrite Teams garage. Looking forward to a chat with you.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


The Japanese tea garden we are making is starting to take shape; we wish there was a thing as instant moss!