Tuesday, 5 March 2013


16th to 22nd March 2013

The RACV Fly The Flag Tour 

Contact:   Tony Pettigrew (03) 9739 1146.    An ABCCC Major Event. Touring Australia 

Itinerary:   Starts at York On Lilydale for trip to Shepparton, then on to Wagga Wagga for a two night stay. The tour then motors on to Wodonga, followed by two nights at Mansfield.    (Fully Booked).

George and Pat Hetrel of Como Gardens will be driving the Aston Martin DBS.

For those not taking part in the Tour, the club invite you to take your British classic car, with a folding chair, flag and refreshment pack to viewing point along the Tour’s route. The cavalcade of historic motoring can be watched.

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